Michel Assier-Andrieu

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Picture taken with Sir Paul McCartney on graduation day - 28th of July 2015

As fare as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a musician.
When I was a kid I used to sing along with the tape player in my dad's car on road trips. With music from The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and many more of the greatest rock'n'roll artists.
My first encountered with an instrument was when I was 10 years old. My father showed me 3 chords on the guitar, and I've practice those chords on the entire guitar neck for years. When I was 15 I entered my first band as a self told guitar player. In the mean time I was fascinated by cinema and a huge fan of film music, listening a lot of Eric Serra, Nino Rota, George Delerue, Clint Mansel works.
At the age of 17, I've found an album that changed my life "Endtroducing" by Dj Shadow, this album was entirely made with samples from forgotten vinyls. I realise then, I wanted to use Electronic music as my main platform to create music and to start producing tracks and beats.
At the age of 20 after studying as a sculptor in the charming town of Uz├Ęs (South of France) I've decided to be a proper musician with what it takes to be one.
After couple years producing beats for rap bands and rapping myself, I've finally choose to play bass and to take classes at the JAM (Jazz school in Montpellier), as a bass player. I was then involved in several bands with different genre (Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk, Afro beat, World music, Celtic). During that period I have composed my first sound track for "Plus Jamais" short film and acting in it. With this film we won the special prize of Clermont Ferrand Festival 2010.
After a few years doing projects with those bands and composing for dance shows and short films, I've decided to go on a trip in England.
In my travel I fell in love with the lovely town of Liverpool and choose to come back to live there. During my time in Liverpool I met nice people who hosted me and told me about a music school called LIPA (Liverpool of Performing Arts). So, I choose to go back to France and to try my chance by applying to Paul McCartney Music School. Finally, got the green light for it and then prepared 3 bags and a bass and went for the adventure.
In LIPA, I've first started with a Popular Music and Sound Technology Diploma. Had the opportunity during this year of diploma to have a master class with Paul McCartney and to pass the audition for the music degree. Audition that I've succeeded, and went straight away into 3 more years as a student of LIPA.
During those years I've maintained my work as a composer, musician and creator, outside the school and had the opportunity to travel a lot in Europe for different projects. Like theatre workshops as a musician and sound engineer in Italy, Art Workshop as a Documentary director in Netherlands and workshop in Serbia as a Stop-Motion Director, Composer, Musician followed by a Music Tour with my personal project beLOey in Skopje, Nis and Vranje.
With my personal project beLOey, I had the pleasure to be rewarded with "Spider Flesh" Music Video in the Berlin Music Video Awards and went for the ceremony to won the public vote. Also got signed in a Detroit USA label.
In 2015, I passed my degree in LIPA with Honours and got involved with several works and projects.
Short film (TOP the film), Bands (The Blue Soul, Lying Bastards), worked for Google on a series of videos, producing some singers, released my debut album with beLOey...
Looking forward what future will be!



BA Music Degree (Hons) - LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts)


Popular Music and Sound Technology Diploma- LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts)


Bass Player at JAM (Jazz School) Montpellier


Sculptor Ornemanist (Wood Carver) - Guynemer Uzes


"Balkan Blood" Short Film - Selection at the UK French Film Festival

"Spider Flesh" Music Video - Nomination and won the public vote at the Berlin Music Video Awards.

"Tout n'est pas si rose" Short Film - Selection Short Film Corner at the Festival of Cannes.

"Jules" Short Film - 1st National Price of CROUS France

"Plus Jamais" Short Film - Special Price of Festival of Clermont Ferrand